AGL Referral Program


Ideal for anyone wanting to make additional income. Increase your income simply by referring clients to AGL. AGL will then disburse funds within ten business days of the loan closing and funding date. 

In this dramatically changing market, we all need new revenue streams. How would you like to add a commercial mortgage division to your pipeline without absorbing any extra cost or extra work? That’s exactly what AGL can do for you. Why not increase your cash flow by simply referring commercial clients to AGL.  AGL works with hundreds of commercial brokers across the country.

The process is very simple and your referral fees are always protected. If you are a former Broker or a former loan officer this will be a great opportunity to earn an extra monthly income”.

Just refer a prospect to AGL and we will do all the legwork to close the loan. With AGL’s Referral Agreement, your referral fee is protected from day one.

AGL referral fees are among the highest in the industry. This new revenue source could be very profitable for yourself and/or your firm. We offer up to .50 of the total loan amount funded. 

Think about it, the national average commercial loans are around 1.5 million.The national average of all Bank turn downs/declines on commercial loans are at 40%.  Advisory Group Lenders can fund what they can't! Would you like to have a cut of the 40% they turn down? 

Call us today, we can show you how it's done, become a member of our REFERRAL PROGRAM TODAY!  


It's just that simple! There are three ways to sign up for the AGL Referral program:

  • Call: (501) 475-5544
  • Click on the Referral Agreement below
  • Email: Please include Referral Program in the subject line, this will help your request to standout.  


AGL Referral Program Agreement (pdf)